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Kickstarter 2 - An Adventure into Steampunk
Following our first successful kickstarter and the purchase of a full production laser, the demand for the current ranges of buildings has increased so that the machine is running all the time that I am home and often through the night!
Through feedback and by request we would like to increase our current ranges and add to our repertoire with a range of Steampunk structures, but we just don’t have cutting time with a single laser…..
Hence, a second kickstarter for a second machine.
Our first kickstarter taught us a lot of useful lessons and due to fundamental differences between our original laser and the new one, which caused quite lengthy delays redrawing the whole range and then subsequently extended cutting times, some of the rewards have only just been completed - that's over a year!!!!
A second project would not suffer the delays mentioned above as we would be getting an identical machine. We also will not start until the drawings are done and ‘draft’ cuts are made to demonstrate the products that will constitute the rewards.
To encourage existing customers to pledge, we already have a 15mm Arnhem style girder bridge cut. There will be a corner building and a square block to add to the range. Of course all in 15,20 and 28mm scales.
The main focus of the project though, will be our ‘Adventure into Steampunk’ - a unique range of 28mm Victoriana style structures with a story to explain the existence of ‘The Skywalk’, ‘Underwalkers’, ‘Overwalkers’, ‘The Bedlam Enhancement Hospital’ and the ‘Scum Extractor’ to mention but a few……….
Remembering as well that the project is dependant on the kickstarter team accepting it.
We’ll keep you updated on this page.
If you do have any question please e-mail us on commission@btinternet.com