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15mm Farm Assembly

Having cleaned the parts of the building its now time to put them together.

Assemble the 3 roof sections (House, Barn and Stable). Wood Adhesive is best to hold them together permanently.

Now assemble the 2 internal wall inserts for the house and barn

Connect the 4 outside walls

Add the inside walls. These may require a little filing to fit snuggly.

The Barn

The House

The Stable

Place the constructed walls onto the base and press into the slots. (The tracks lead out through the gate).

Slot the internal wall inserts into the house and Barn, ensuring the correct way round by lining up the window and door cuts.

Insert the inside gate house part and the barn steps (you may wish to glue the 2 steps parts together before placing them)

Slide the floor pieces into the house and barn. These may require filing to fit properly.

Place the 3 roof sections on the buildings.

Job done! Or maybe just a lick of paint and filler to finish!