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Our ranges cover  6mm, 10mm, 15mm , 20mm and 28mm scale.

City Builder
A range of detailed buildings and ruins from  recent history,  for use in city fighting from  WWI (1914-18), WWII (1939-1945) right through to the present day. The list currently consists of European buildings but will expand to include Eastern and Southern European. We will be adding Steampunk and Sci-Fi ranges at the 28/32mm scale.

There are now the Earhtworks in 6mm/10mm/15mm.

The Waterloo range will only be in 6mm and 10mm scales.

And the ‘6mm’ scale figurines are here.

We decided to design all of our structures using approximate figure scales (stretched in height) rather than ground scales which oversizes them on a table but, we believe, this gives a more aesthetically acceptable model.

The buildings are easy to assemble and the parts are interchangeable with many combinations. When disassembled the buildings can be flat packed into a small area/box and combined with their relatively light weight this makes them easily portable.

Contact us on commission@btinternet.com

Next appearing at:

Barrage, Stafford         10th July 2016

Joy of Six, Sheffield     17th July 2016

Warfare, Reading        19th & 20th November 2016

The ‘Terraces’ Non UK customers please check our Postage and Packaging information below before ordering


Look out for the Kickstarter 2 project launching ‘soon’ aiming to get us a second laser for a range of Steampunk and Science fiction structures in 28mm as well as additional European buildings in all 3 scales

The 15mm European Walled Farm (Instructions in the Hints & Tips section) Salute 2014 The initial outing for the Stalingrad Flour Mill in 28mm (550mm x 270mm x 380mm) And in 15mm The Earthworks In 6/10/15mm the earthworks can be used for any period, although some pieces are intended for WWI or later (e.g. machine gun nest) Add Battlefront 15s and B&Q filla! Baccus 6mm and some spare MDF The Figures In 6mm, but designed to be compatible with other manufacturers in the same scale. Currently developing the range for Napoleonics and Ancient Romans (Marion or Civil War period). Russian Guard Austrian Grenadier British Guards Marion Roman Legionaries Prussian in Bicorne (1807) Also available in 20mm French Imperial Guard French Cuirassiers http://flownlegions.blogspot.com.es To see many of the figures painted visit our new figures gallery or ‘A Light in the Dark’ blog using the link below: